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ZI - Route d'Anetz
44150 Saint-Herblon, France
T. +33 (0)240 984 776
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Maintenance and repair of lifeboats, davits and mooring equipment with OEM

 ACEBI Spare Parts definition:

  • Genuine Spare Parts from your Original Equipment Manufacturer - ACEBI
  • Listed spare parts for each product with identification numbers for traceability
  • Parts that need maintenance according to regulations or advised by ACEBI


Worldwide service network for quoting and ordering.
Spare part kits for winches, davits, release hooks and lifeboats.
Spare part programme as a part of frame agreements for vessels/fleets.
Our service engineers intervene with the usual spare parts that must be available as a part of 1 & 5 years inspections.
Check list with spares to be signed by vessel after visit from ACEBI SERVICE representatives and sent directly for delivery to vessel.
To maintain product warranty conditions these spare parts should be fitted by ACEBI authorised persons as required by MSC/Circ. 1206.
ACEBI will be pleased to provide contact details of your nearest authorised service company.

Advantages of ACEBI genuine Spares Parts:

  • Always use approved spares on approved lifesaving equipment
  • Avoid any failure on equipment during operation and training
  • To maintain the product guarantee
  • For life extension of your equipment
  • For overall cost saving and increased safety
  • To comply with SOLAS (according to the new regulation)

ACEBI SERVICE offers also to owners service contracts covering preventative and predictive maintenance, minimising cost and for maximising safety.

Philippe Petitjean
Spare Parts manager
T. +33 (0)2 40 984 773
F. +33(0)2 40 965 790

Please always mention the ACEBI's reference (your contract number which is written on the stainless steel plate of our products and on the cover page of the manual) in all your requirements for spare parts, it will help us to serve you the fastest.

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