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Annual and five year inspections of Lifeboats and Davits

ACEBI SERVICE provides annual and five year inspections of davits and lifeboats to the owners on all SOLAS ships enabling them to meet new IMO regulations entering into force on July 1, 2006, MSC.1 /Circ.1206 SOLAS chapter III. The new SOLAS regulations detail critical items which need to be controlled and checked during maintenance.

As a 40 years experience manufacturer, ACEBI has established check list for davits, winches, lifeboats and release gears to ensure that all work is conducted according to the rules. Only persons trained and authorised by ACEBI SERVICE are allowed to do the work and sign the report which leads to the issue of the mandatory Certificate of Serviceability.

  davits inspection

ACEBI SERVICE offers the following services for 1 and 5 year inspections of lifeboats and davits:

  1. Genuine spare parts from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  2. Approved and authorised service engineers
  3. Approved check list for davits, winches, lifeboats and release gears
  4. Certificate of serviceability issued after final inspection
  5. Fleet / Vessel service agreements for priority maintenance and call out
  6. Service worldwide from ACEBI SERVICE global network, 7 days a week

ACEBI SERVICE has also been approved as a service supplier of all product range including lifeboats, davits, engines and release gears by the main lifesaving appliances manufacturers.
For details, see ACEBI SERVICE homologations.

ACEBI SERVICE is setting up a wordwide network of service stations and authorised service partners. The service stations and authorised service partners have to provide shipowners with original inspection certificates supplied to them by ACEBI which is the only one which garanty to the owner the quality engagement of ACEBI's partners. In way to prove their homologation, ACEBI's service stations and service partners have to present for each visit the company a station homologation certificate and also the service engineer certificate.

For a better identification, see attached models:

INSPECTION: Message to shipowners

ACEBI SERVICE offers also to owners service contracts covering preventative and predictive maintenance, minimising cost and for maximising safety.

Long term service contracts
• Fleet service contracts for 1 & 5-year inspections
• Service contracts for maintenance of lifeboats, rescue boats and davits
Service for mooring equipment
• Service contracts for maintenance of mooring equipment, winches, windlasses, capstans and cranes

Allan Reymonenq
Service Department Director
T/F. +33 (0)240 965 790

Before ordering 1 and 5 year inspections, please fullfill the "ship registration form" and send it to:

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